Vedo3 & Vedo4

HQ on site audio /video monitoring terminal
Vedo3 and Vedo4 are high quality monitoring terminals specifically designed to be used in transmission sites. They are equipped with high quality LCD display touch screens (3 in Vedo3 and 4 in Vedo4). Monitoring includes audio level bars, field strength, BER and packet errors. Every panel is independent and is capable of ASI and RF inputs which make the unit highly flexible for all types of onsite and control room monitoring.
Each panel is equipped with 2 inputs (‘A’ and ‘B’) which can be easily selected using the touch screens. RF inputs are capable of DVB-T/T2, DVB/S/S2, or DVB-C depending on the option chosen.


3U rack only 180 mm deep, display
TFT LCD 5.6’’ in 4/3 format.


2U rack 300 mm deep, display
TFT LCD 4.3’’ in 16/9 format.

Functional data

  • Very high viewing angle, up to 180°
  • Touch screen user interface
  • ARM11 embedded computer + Linux
  • MPEG2/H264 Hardware SD/HD decoding
  • ASI, RF and ETHERNET 10/100 inputs
  • Can decode video streams over UDP
  • On board SNMP, WEB, TELNET
  • Software upgradable over Ethernet
  • 3.5mm jack for audio monitoring of each monitor
  • Selectable audio on embedded speakers
  • Audio levels viewable on each screen
  • Services selectable via touch screen
  • Viewable PID contents in each service
  • Compact & robust assembly
  • Power supply 240V or optionally external 12VDC-4A
  • Operating temperature 0-50°C

RF Characteristics

System: DVB-T/T2
Input level: -80 to -25 dBm
Impedance: 75ohm
Bandwidth: 7MHz (BIII); 8MHz (UHF)
Scan function: Yes
Quality check: Yes
BER indication: Yes

HW Characteristics

ASI input: BNC 75 ohm (EN50083-9)
Input level: From 100mV a 2000mV internally equalized
Max. Bit-rate: 75MB/s
Modes: Burst and continuous 188, 204


VEDO3-T2 DVB T/T2 HQ multi-viewer, 3 display 5.6’’touch screen, 3 RU
VEDO4-T2 DVB T/T2 HQ multi-viewer, 4 display 3.5” touch screen, 2 RU