Temperature & Humidity

HT-SNMP is a temperature and humidity probe with SNMP interface, powered directly from the Ethernet connection (PoE). It has two external probes for the temperature, both one meter in length, that allow to measure two separate temperature channels. An additional internal humidity sensor provides the relative humidity measurement as well.

Measured values can be remotely read via SNMP and over/under thresholds conditions can trigger alarm traps. A web interface allows an easy configuration of all the parameters. The device is contained in a small elegant plastic housing suitable for wall mounting.

Din rail mounting option is also available.


Temperature Range: -40 / +120 °C

Input type: 2 Temperature probes, (custom length) & 1 Humidity probe

Precision: ±0.5 °C inside range -10 / +85 °C

Resolution: 0.1 °C


Temperature Range: -40 / +120 °C

Ethernet/PoE: RJ45


Communication: SNMP protocol, HTTP

Alarms: SNMP Trap with programmable thresholds and polarity

Readings units: dBm, W or KW selectable

Setup: Through Web page and SNMP

Software: Remote upgrade capability


PoE: PoE 802.3af (class 0).

Power can also be supplied through a 48 Vdc / 0.25 A PoE power injector.


HT-SNMP Temperature and humidity sensor with Ethernet/SNMP/Web server